Did you miss it? 

What part of ONE NIGHT ONLY didn't you believe???


Well Don't Worry!
 We're going to do this show again! (Faster!)

For Hamlet Isn't Dead's 1st Birthday, we crammed 45 of our truest fans into Park Slope's Bar Reis for a rambunctious and jubilant performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare {Abridged}. The question on everyone's lips (after 'What doctor should I call for laugh-related injuries?') was "WHY ARE YOU ONLY DOING THIS ONCE?!"

Our answer is simple:

If you want us, call us! It's not a simple show, but it's portable, and we have all our props packed and lines learned to break out this beast at the drop of a hat.

We do parties, festivals, weddings, bar mitzvahs, funerals, divorces, and more. Contact us at hamletisntdead@gmail.com for booking information TODAY!

In the meantime, if you joined us, thank you again and revel in those memories.
And for those of you who missed it...shame on you. SHAME!!

As punishment (or reward), here are some incredibly low-quality photos taken on the phones of audience members who had a much better time than you did.