December 13th-22nd, 2013

133rd St. Arts Center
308 w 133rd St.
New York, NY 10027

Our second show, The Taming of the Shrew, was a Christmas romp in Harlem.  Our eleven actors braved the elements (read: blizzard!) to perform a lively, loud and loquacious piece of theatre.

It's hard to know what was sillier: Zach Friedman's Gremio, a beat-up old cop with a golden pension; Luke Wise's extra-brave Tranio, a servant with high ambition; or even April Glick's Biondella, a Brooklyn girl with the gift of gab.  Any show with a full Santa-suit (including Rudolph) is bound to have some rollickin' good times.


David Andrew Laws (Petruchio) & Travis Klemm (Hortensio)

David Andrew Laws (Petruchio) & Travis Klemm (Hortensio)

Samantha Maurice's beautifully sassy turn as Bianca contrasted with Jessica Cermak's touching concern as mother Baptista, just out to find what's best for her two daughters.  What's best definitely didn't include Hortensio, an elegant twit deftly evoked by Travis Klemm, who, along with Nicholas Jaye Stauffer, returned from a thrilling performance in The Two Gentlemen of Verona to exercise comic chops.  Foiling the fop was surfer dude Lucentio, dreamily enacted by Dave Stishan.  

Rounding out the cast was Kevin Percival's gleeful performance as the grumbling servant Grumio and his master and mistress: David Andrew Laws as Petruchio and Tiffany Abercrombie as Kate, our titular shrew.  The dueling lovers sparred and loved with abandon and were determined to show us the true meaning of a family Christmas.

The Taming of the Shrew

Directed by Robin Rightmyer
Assistant Director: Emily Jackson
Stage Manager: Rosie Kolbo

Tiffany Abercrombie - Katherine
Jessica Cermak - Baptista Minola
April Glick - Biondella
Zack Friedman - Gremio/Widow
Travis Klemm - Hortensio
David Andrew Laws - Petruchio
Kevin Percival - Grumio
Samantha Maurice - Bianca
Nicholas Jaye Stauffer - Pedant/Tailor
Dave Stishan - Lucentio
Luke Wise - Tranio