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June 29th - July 2nd, 2016

55 Bethune St., New York, NY

In the Summer of 2016, Athens was a busy place!  The tangled knot of four young lovers threatened to unravel the difficult preparations of a royal wedding.  Elsewhere, a band of would-be actors planned to create the greatest show the world has ever seen.  They all descended into the forest, but little did they know that it wouldn't be only filled with mortal beings this night: the faerie king and queen had their own disputes to resolve!

In this production, Hamlet Isn’t Dead highlighted the lightness and musicality of one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays.  Featuring harmonic renditions of classic and modern tunes and an immersive, playful style, this was one for the ages.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Directed by James Rightmyer, Jr
Stage Manager: Vanessa Joyce
Assistant Director: Megan Mahaffey
Technical Director: Nathan Luttrull
Marketing Director: Adina Kayton
Production Coordinator: Shaina Morgan
Graphic Designer: Josh Stauffer

Francis Flute:
Cameron Draper
Hippolyta/Titania: Una Eggerts
Helena: Erin Etheridge
Hermia: Megan Greener
Lysander: Morgan Hooper
Demetrius: Travis Klemm
Nick Bottom: David Andrew Laws
Tom Snout: Michael Luca
Peter Quince: Josh Mahaffey
Egeus/Puck: Rhys McClelland
Theseus/Oberon: Kevin Percival
Robin Starveling: Ian Fields Stewart

Rhys McClelland, Kevin Percival, and Megan Greener(1).jpg

"...the Midsummer ensemble nicely compliments one another and embraces their respective roles with satisfying aplomb. If you are in search of some quality Shakespeare this summer...Hamlet Isn’t Dead’s exuberant rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a delightful way to lose yourself for an afternoon...."
Teresa Perkins -- 'My Entertainment World' -- http://myentertainmentworld.ca