Henry Cover

Sept. 3rd - Sept 20th, 2014

WOW Café Theatre
59 - 61 E. 4th St., New York, NY

Henry VI Parts 1, 2 and 3 (hereafter the 'Henry VI Cycle') ran in repertory from September 3 to September 20 with two exciting 'marathon' days where audience members saw the rise and fall of Henry VI in one spectacular day.  We of Hamlet Isn't Dead think that the Henry VI Cycle more than any other of Shakespeare's plays represents the plight of women in a patriarchy, something that is extremely relevant to society today.  As such, our productions highlighted the trouble that smart, strong and powerful women (Such as Joan of Arc and Queen Margaret of Anjou) run into when they attempt to fulfill their potential.

As such, it is appropriate that we performed the Henry VI Cycle at the Women's One World Cafe Theater collective in the Bowery.  With WOW's long tradition of supporting women's, gay and transgender rights and issues, Hamlet Isn't Dead was thrilled to collaborate with them.

Henry VI, Parts 1, 2 & 3

Directed by James Rightymyer, Jr.
Assistant Director: Dayle Towarnicky
Stage Manager: Rosie Kolbo
Fight Choreographer: David Andrew Laws
Lighting Designer: Lydia Banks
Resident Composer: Diana Hill
Production Assistant: Clara Rotter-Laitman

Mary DeCarlo - Messenger/Chorus
Kevin Percival - Alençon/Warwick/Walter Whitmore/Keeper
Sara Group - Bedford/Suffolk/General/Prince Edward/Rivers/Richmond
Bradley J. Sumner - Talbot/Clifford/Neighbor/Sir Stephen
Ewa Maria Wojcik - Reignier/Salisbury/Vernon/Duchess/Horner/Buckingham/Lady Grey
Morgan Hooper - Sergeant/Henry VI
Travis Johnson - Burgundy/Cardinal Winchester/Sheriff Stanley/Keeper/Somerset
Jara Jones - Mortimer/Burgundy/Gloucester/Richard
Nick Bosanko - Petitioner/Murderer/Old Clifford/Charles Dauhpin/George
Jonathan Minton - Sir William Glansdale/Sentinel/York/Hastings
Jessica Cermak - Joan la Pucelle/Keeper/Lieutenant/Salisbury/Peter/Oxford
Sophia Blum - Sir Thomas Gargrave/Margaret of Anjou
Logan Keeler - Somerset/Neighbor/Edward

The full cast and crew
Ewa Mari Wojcik as Reignier, Nick Bosanko as Dauphin, and Kevin Percival as Alençon

"While their production may be small and low-budget, it's hard to imagine these polished performers as struggling artists."
Natalie Sacks -- 'Charged.FM' -- http://www.charged.fm