Tales Told by a HIDiot - Episode Two: StrangeDog

Episode Two: StrangeDog

Do yourself a favor. Go ahead and click on this link. Seriously. We'll wait.

For those of you too timid, this is where you can get tickets for StrangeDog Theatre's "Basic Help", a part of this year's New York Frigid Festival.

It is, quite possibly, one of the funniest shows you will see this year.

Seriously, if you don't already, move to New York City so that you can be a part of the community that has this show. It's good.

And we talk about it (with various off-topic hilarity) with Artem 
Yatsunov and Ben Clawson of StrangeDog Theatre on this week's edition of Tales Told by a HIDiot!

For a "too-long, didn't listen" version, here are the dates and times:

Show #2 - 5:30 THURSDAY Feb 27th

Show #3 - 6:50 SATURDAY Mar 1st

Show #4 - 10:15 WEDNESDAY Mar 5th

Show #5 - 12:30 SUNDAY Mar 9th

And here's the link again:

It's that important.

"Basic Help" is playing at Under St. Marks in the Lower East Side, and it's the most joyous hour you're likely to spend not on a roller coaster. Which would actually get really tedious after an hour. So what're you waiting for?

Don't believe us? Listen to this week's episode, and if our siren-like synopses can't convince you, nothing will.

Here's the podcast:

And here's the link to Basic Help tickets again:

Be sure to tell 'em HID sent'cha.

Be well, merry listener!

David Andrew Laws
     Artistic Director, Hamlet Isn't Dead