Tales Told by a(n) HIDiot: Episode Six - Turn to Flesh Productions

Turn to Flesh Productions:                                                                 Old Theatre Made New & New Theatre Made Great

It's another ridiculously attractive edition of Tales Told by a HIDiot! This week we sit down with Emily C. A. Snyder and James Parenti of...well, of quite a few things, frankly! Both of these artists are elbows-deep in a sub-section of New York theatre we have dubbed The New Verse Community.
Give us credit for one thing, Hamlet Isn't Dead is good at coming up with catchy titles.

Join us as we get in-depth on the writing process, both new and old, from Shakespeare to Shetler Studios. We chat about workshops available to actors, writers, directors, and more such as DARE Lab (and Hamlet Isn't Dead's LMNOPs!!). And you'll learn when and where you can see Parenti's new play May Violets Spring, a new story for a new Ophelia. Gah, we're amazing at tag lines as well!
(Okay, so James' girlfriend came up with that one. Still. We are.)

So get ready to talk pentameter,
Learn of new theatre and speak of old.
With Turn to Flesh Productions and DARE Lab,
You're guaranteed a podcast of pure gold!

All the best,
-David Andrew Laws
     Artistic Director, Hamlet Isn't Dead

To learn more about Turn to Flesh, click here.
For the Whens and Wheres of DARE Lab, click here.
And to get your tickets for the most Ophelia-tastic show around, click here.

So listen well and enjoy Tales Told by a HIDiot, Episode Six!


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Be sure to join us next week when we talk to James Parenti and Emily C.A. Snyder of Turn to Flesh Productions.

All the best,
     David Andrew Laws
Artistic Director, HID