Tales Told by a HIDiot: Episode Three - Sanguine

Sanguine: Sounds Like Penguin (Looks Like Awesome)

When the founders of Sanguine Theatre Company read that tagline I just invented for them, they're going to wish they could pay me a billion dollars for it. And that's just a rough draft.

Welcome back! To the repository for all things Hamlet Isn't Dead-y! Today's spotlight is on Sanguine Theatre Company, and their upcoming production Wild, by Crystal Skillman. In this entry, you'll find a bit of background information on the show and the company itself that you might not have been able to pick up over your own uncontrollable laughter during our most recent podcast.

What? You haven't listened to it yet? Well, here's the link, silly. If you try listening to the podcast and reading this article at the same time, it's almost like we're there in the room with you talking over one another.

Sanguine Theatre Company is the brainchild of Jillian Robertson (Artistic Director) and Karly Fischer (Executive Producer), two University of Oklahoma graduates with big ideas about the future of independent theatre. They are joined in this interview by Associate Producer Anna Fearheiley, and the hilarity in the room is palpable.

"Wild" is the story of gay couple (Peter and Bobby) who are torn apart when one of them cheats on the other with a woman. Their story is one of passion, honesty, and trust, which explores the ways we love, and the ways we heal. Crystal Skillman's work has been performed and lauded in Chicago and New York City alike. Her various awards and accolades would take up much of this blog's bandwidth (Is that how a blog works?) so check her out at various locales on the web, including here: http://thenewcolony.org/people/crystal_skillman

You can catch this sexy, gripping performance at IRT, March 13th - April 6th. For more information or for tickets, you can visit Sanguine's website: http://sanguinenyc.com


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NEXT WEEK! We talk with Alberto Bonilla and Samantha Morrice, (director and cast member respectively) of Richard III, being presented by The Queen's Players at The Secret Theatre. Not to give anything away, but if you like anything in the world, you're gonna love this.

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