Tales Told by a HIDiot: Episode Nine -                                             Pull Together Productions

WARNING: The following podcast contains segments of extremely nerdy discussions about William Shakespeare. You're either gonna love it or you're gonna absolutely LOVE it. This week we have a grand old sit-down with the founder of Pull Together Productions, Brian Gillespie, and one of his (and our) favorite actors, Luke Wise. Click on their sexy names for more information!

You can't see it, but there's some great theatre hogtied over there.
But before all that, we talk about PTP's upcoming pulled together production "Virus Attacks Heart", which will be a part of this year's Planet Connections Theatre Festival. It's a lovely two-hander presented in non-chronological order (something we at HID know nothing about). It's beautiful, challenging, and written by Shannon Murdoch of Melbourne, Australia.

So, listen well, click on all the clickables below, and remember, it's Hamlet Isn't Dead: Eco-Friendly, whether we know it or not.

A Link about the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity: PCTF
A Link on what it means to be Environmentally Friendly: ECO-YAY!
As promised, a link to the color of the shirt Luke was wearing during the podcast: SALMON
And, for those curious few, here's the current tally of everyone's favorite Shakespeare play over the course of the podcast: DAVID WAS VERY WRONG

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