Tales Told by a HIDiot: Episode Seven - Emily & Kate                      (The Bedlam Special)

Tales Told by a HIDiot is ecstatic to present Emily Lyon and Kate Hamill! Both of these amazing artists are multi-talented and are currently lending their talents to Bedlam Theatre Company. And, luckily for us, they lend their voices to our humble podcast this week. We talk about their time with Bedlam, their own upcoming works, and the nature of serendipity. What's not to like?
Nothing. That's what.

We also discuss which of Shakespeare's plays is the least sexy! And we really want to hear from you, cause our opinions are split. Comment herein or email us at hamletisntdead@gmail.com. Tell us why and maybe we'll quote you for all to see!!

Auditions for Emily's production of The Arsonists are TOMORROW! So sign up now! And then go see it (either from onstage or off) from May 16th to 19th. You can e-mail Emily at emasuntalyon@gmail.com. You can try to glean that from the podcast, but it's hilariously difficult. Give it a listen!

And, as promised in the podcast, here are the various links to the various fun and amazing things going on in each of our various lives. Play your cards right and they can be a part of yours as well!

To learn more about The Arsonists and show your support, click here!
To sign up for a Marathon reading of Shakespeare, clicketh here!
And to come see HID's Artistic Director perform in an 1,100-seat theatre, click here!

And as always, stay undead, fellow HIDiots!

All the best,
David Andrew Laws
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