It Beats Buskin'!

Money! ('Tis a Gas)

Well, well, well...we meet again. I know, I know. I was supposed to post a video. Friday morning. I just...I haven't yet. But soon, and trust me, it's a comin'. And it's chock full of that hilarious HID-style comedy you've grown so swiftly to love and require to live.

Speaking of obscure musicals from 1963!! Presenting:

That's right! It's may not be Shakespeare, but it's the next-next-next-next-next best thing. And it stars Hamlet Isn't Dead co-founders David Andrew Laws and Robin Rightymer! (And if you look closely, that's a picture of Mr. Marrick Smith up there in the logo; we're inseparable!)

Money is a hilarious four-person musical with music by Sam Pottle and book and lyrics by David Axlerod and Tom Whedon. Now, "Whedon?" you might think, "Sounds familiar. Is that a...pokemon or something?"
Nope! That's Joss Whedon's father! That's right! Firefly and Dr. Horrible and The Avengers, that Joss Whedon. His dad. Wrote Money. So you know it's gonna be good. Come see it for the Whedons.

The story goes like this: Harry Clay (Robin Rightmyer) is super-duper-schmooper rich. (It's a technical term). He's never had to work a day in his life, but instead has been searching for the one perfect woman. Luckily for him (and us!) he finds her within the first few lines of the play. She, Cynthia Burgess (Meg Kiley Smith), cannot love Harry in return, as she couldn't stand to be with someone who does nothing all day. The story follows Harry's many attempts to find a job or a purpose or a worthwhile commitment, and failing every step of the way.

Rounding out the cast are Cynthia's goon of a pal Bernie Bartok (Logan Keeler) and the ineffable (that means he can't be effed, right?) Mr. Mann (played by yours truly, David Andrew Laws). Bernie is also in love with Cynthia, but he's such a bumbling, hapless dweeb, who could love someone like that? (God, hopefully someone, or I'm out of luck)

Now, lemme tell you about Mr. Mann, mostly because this is my blog. This is a fantastic role for me, because...okay, so the story's about a guy (Robin/Harry) who falls in love with a girl (Meg/Cynthia), her friend (Logan/Bernie), and then I play...everyone else.
No, but seriously, everyone. Bosses, doctors, cowboys, old ladies. I play as many different characters in this show as Nick Cage doesn't play in all of his movies combined. If you've ever heard me do a silly voice or a goofy walk in real life, it's in this show. And if you don't know me in real'd you find this blog again?

But, yeah, it's a beautiful story in two acts, with lots of singing, dancing, and general floomping about. ...floomping didn't come up with a little red squiggle under it. I should probably Google that before I publish this.
The show runs June 1st-June 16th at The Studio Theatre on Theatre Row. That's right, Theatre Row! A whole row of theatres! Whose mind just got blown??

Another Fun Fact: This is only the second professional production of Money to be performed in New York City since its 1963 debut. Seriously, it's been a total hassle to put up, because when we called Samuel French to try to get the scripts, they were like " that a thing? Lemme check. Frank! Frank, yeah! Do Money a thing?" and it just went downhill from there.

But we're really proud to be putting it up and we really hope you'll come and see it. To let us know (it just fills us with the utmost glee) you can join the Facebook event here:
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And for those of you patient enough to scroll all the way down here and put up with our antics, here's le deal.
Tickets for Money are usually $25. If you feel like paying full-price for whatever reason, don't let us stop you. You can buy those and read someone else's synopsis of the play here:

Orrrrrr...since we're such good friends (You're coming to my birthday party, right?) you can get tickets for only $10 by going to and using the code TRstudent. Just cause we love ya.

So we hope to see you all there. Stop by and say hi to us afterwards, maybe we can go out for a drink, catch up, fall in love, get married, have babies.... I'm getting ahead of myself again. Just come see the show and we'll take it from there, huh?

Also, as just a final shameless plug, if you haven't signed up to audition for HID's production of Two Gentlemen of Verona, send us an e-mail at It's not too late, but spots are filling up fast. You can find more information about the break-downs and the productions on our Facebook page or at You can also get to this blog from the website so...that's some kinda weird inception-y stuff.

Is that enough information for now? Have I thrown enough links in your face? I hope so. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put my computer back in a full nelson to make it edit this video properly. ...or maybe that's my problem. Either way.

Come see it for the Whedons!!!

Love, Hugs, and Marshmallow Fluff,
David Andrew Laws
Artistic Director, HID

P.S. Oh, and if anyone knows Joss Whedon, first be our best friend, and then invite him. I'm the most serious I've ever been about anything in my life. Come see it for the Whedons.