Tales Told by a HIDiot: Episode Five - WOW Café Theatre

WOW Café Theatre: Women and Transgender and Theatre, Oh yes!

Let it be known that Robin Rightmyer and I (founders of Hamlet Isn't Dead) are neither women nor transgender. We don't fall into WOW Café Theatre's demographic of artists within the LGBT community or, try as we might, lesbian separatists. But that doesn't mean we don't understand the absolute importance of and complete need for a place like WOW Café Theatre to exist. And to continue to do so, they need your help.

In the early 1980s, a group of women joined together to create a collective of like-minded (and like-gendered) artists, in order to give women the opportunities to perform, create, and generally participate in the arts in ways that the "mainstream" was not allowing them.  Over the years, that mission statement expanded to other repressed groups such as trans people and the LGBT community at large.

Now WOW needs your assistance, both financially and physically, to stay alive. Massive renovations must be done to their East Village location in order to remain open and functioning. If you can spare anything at all, please go to wowcafe.org and donate. If you can't, spread the word to someone who can. Or someone who will spread the word as well.

This is a true collective, run on sweat equity and unanimous artistic decisions. Organizations like this are incredibly rare, and this one must not fall prey to its own generosity. We must fight to keep WOW serving the New York City arts scene for another thirty years.

If you need further convincing, listen as Hamlet Isn't Dead sits down with Sharon Jane Smith and Jessica Cermak of the WOW Theatre Collective to talk about its history and its role in the arts community on this week's edition of Tales Told by a HIDiot:


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