Tales Told by a HIDiot - Episode Four: Queen's Players

Richard III: Not Your Grandfather's Podcast (Obviously)

Let me be clear. This is your grandfather's Shakespeare:

This is not:

I mean, unless your grandfather is...awesome. Which, maybe he is, I don't know, we've never met.
But, rest assured, The Queen's Player's production of "Richard III" is. Awesome, that is.

Set in England's "Winter of Discontent", (1978-79) this is a punk-infused, musically-driven festival of one of Shakespeare's earliest and most famous histories. A live band heightens the atmosphere of the rise and fall of this iconic villain. And, as evidenced by the picture above, it's pretty sexy too.

So hold on to your mohawk and don't miss this weekend's closing performances. For more information and the tickets we know you so badly crave, click here.

And to learn more about the production, including a good old-fashioned brain-picking of the director, Alberto Bonilla, and Murderer (Murderess?) #1, Samantha Maurice, don't forget to check out an unusually short installment of Tales Told by a HIDiot. <-- Click it! Click it! You know you want to!

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