Episode Eighteen: Emily Jackson

     "New Play Development", "Theatre Development", call it what you like, if Emily Jackson's involved, it's gonna be fantastic! Her interests are storytelling, acting secrets, and long walks on the beach (we assume). From assistant directing our production of The Taming of the Shrew to creating new theatre all over New York City, Emily is one of the most ambitious theatre practitioners we know. What lucky people you are that you get to listen and absorb all of her knowledge and experience!

     As a director, she'll be a guiding hand. As a collaborator she'll be open and understanding. And as a theatre creator, she will call you up and get your butt out of Connecticut! Listen well this week as Emily Jackson wows us all with her wit and skill.

And then come and congratulate her in person next week at Hamlet Isn't Dead's birthday production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare {Abridged}! She'll be with us at Bar Reis on June 18th starting at 8pm for this festive festival of...festivities. We hope to see you too!

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