Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Henry VI - Nick Bosanko

Hear ye, hear ye! The most right honorable Dauphin Nick Bosanko presiding! But that's only Part One! You'll also see this royally-talented actor as George, Old Clifford, and Murderer #2 over the course of this magnanimous trilogy. So, bow down, don your fleurs-de-lis, and préparez-vous á Roi Henri VI, pièces un, deux, et trios!

Oui, oui? Well, if you insist.

D: Nick, you're looking very regal today. Did you do something with your hair?

NB: My lovely assistants woke me at the break of dawn to start this process - shout out to my fantastic team of hair stylists! Jane and Rob have been my glam squad for red carpets and battlefields alike for as long as I can remember. I can't be seen in public without a heavy dose of rinse, blowdry, and wax.
But in all seriousness, this mop requires hardly any work at all. I let it dry, run my fingers through it, and hope for the best!

D: Superb. Now, I see here you're playing the Dauphin in part one. What is it about you that you think makes you most qualified to play French royalty?

NB: I have quite a lot in common with French royalty of the past. My penchant for red wine alone would qualify me for a significant post in the French government.
Marie Antoinette said 'let them eat cake'? I love a nice double chocolate cake. Louis XIV commissioned the Palace of Versailles? I love big gardens and shiny mirror hallways. One of my greatest skills is commanding large groups of people without any sense of detail or direction. If that doesn't prepare me for a long and prosperous reign as Dauphin, nothing will.

D: A lot of times the Dauphin is mispronounced or mocked by calling him the "Dolphin". What is it about you that you think makes you most qualified to play a dolphin?

NB: I am so glad you've asked that question. It's what I spend about 90% of my time pondering. What I lack in a dolphin's physical characteristics (blowhole, fins, adorable smiling face) I more than make up for in other ways. My echo-location skills are beyond. Allow me a few seconds to bounce some sonar waves around the room and I will gladly find your misplaced iPhone. Dolphins are natural performers - after months of training, of course. Like them, I can balance a ball on my nose, jump through a hoop, and even swim alongside a boat of disappointed whale-watching tourists. 

D: On a more serious note, if you were a Dolphin Dauphin, what would be one of your first royal decrees?

NB: The Dolphin Dauphin, in the presence of his dolphin court and trusted porpoise advisors, hereby decrees that a) all subjects shall witness the wonderful and engaging Hamlet Isn't Dead production of Henry VI parts 1, 2, and 3; and b) all subjects shall root for and be #TeamFrance. Thus clicks the Dolphin Dauphin. 

D: Thanks, your majesty. Anything else you think we should know about you or the show?

NB: What an honor it is to be back onstage in such a dynamic telling of the War of the Roses! And what an honor it is, I'm sure, for all of those in the production who are playing my servants! 

There you have it, Mesdames et Messieurs. We could not have picked a more fancy man to play this part, or if we could, Nick could probably have them executed. So, avoid his wrath and the guillotine (Oh, he has one) by getting your tickets now for this outstanding trilogy!

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