Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Henry VI - Logan Keeler

What can be said about Logan Keeler? Well, lots of things could be said, but what of it would be true? Well, lots of it could be true, but what of it would be interesting? Well, most of it could be interesting, but what of it would be appropriate?

That train of thought could go on for hours, but all you need to know is that Logan is great. If this interview doesn’t prove it, well, you can come say it to his face and get lost in those tall, bright baby-blues. Then you won’t be able to ask any of those persistent questions about what’s relevant and not.

With great power comes great-...what were we saying...?

D: Logan! You're looking well. Now, I see you're playing several different characters over the course of this trilogy. What are the specific challenges that come from working on three shows at once?

LK: Well the obvious answer is the amount of material. Three Shakespeare shows, even abridged is a lot to hammer into your head. but the biggest challenge, especially as we get further along in the rehearsal process, will most likely be understanding at any given point where you are in any one of your characters stories. 
This story, told through its three parts, is all about flux and power. and its everywhere. you're up, you're down, you're winning you're losing, you're dead, etc. It can be confusing for the actor because if your understanding is wrong or you think you're in a totally different place (or a different character-this has already happened) the scene will play totally different than it should. 

D: Is there a different show of Shakespeare's you'd rather see as a trilogy, and why?

LK: I would like to see Hamlet as a trilogy. The first part would be about a boy and his estranged father overcoming their differences to fix up their failing hardware business in order to save the town from developers. The second part would be the story as we know it and the third part would follow Fortinbras and Horatio, who, stricken and disillusioned by the violence around them, sell all of their belongings and move to India to build an elephant sanctuary.

D: If your life so far were a trilogy, what would be the three titles.

LK: Part I: The Trival Pursuit of the Middle School Female

Part II: The VCR Eats My Only Copy of Space Jam

Part III: Forgiveness and Growth

D: Thanks Logan! Anything else we should know about the show? 

LK: Definitely check it out. This whole three-part story really should be seen all together. This is a rare opportunity to hear this story in full. 

We're coming to the close of our Struts & Frets series, but I think we can all agree, they're just getting better the more Logan-filled they are. But tune in next time (tomorrow) for the next amazing installment!!

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