Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Henry VI - Ewa Wojcik

Throughout the Henry VI trilogy, we've pushed our actors to the limit by having them all play several characters per play over the course of three plays. In this interview, we try and break down all of the actor/character boundaries by bombarding the wonderful Ewa Maria Wojcik with hypothetical after hypothetical about herself, her characters, and their impossible interactions. If you've ever wanted to see an actor go crazy onstage, these shows may be your best chance.
Or...crazier, we suppose....

D: Ewa, let’s dive right in. You’re playing several different characters over the course of the series. Which one’s your favorite?

EW: I would have to say Reignier because all I want to do all day is talk like him. Mostly to myself. He is extremely power hungry, not as smart as he thinks, and sort of a robot inside when it comes to human emotions. He and Alencon have this really fun relationship, sort of Flotsam and Jetsam-ish. Although I wouldn’t say the Dauphin is Ursula in that triangle.

D: How do you think the other characters would react if they knew you were exhibiting favoritism?

EW: Well, the Duchess of Gloucester wouldn’t even blink an eye until she would find out that she pretty much ties with Reignier for me. And that would make her downright furious. Buckingham would not care, Horner would be so drunk he would think he is my favorite, Salisbury would angrily polish her boots at the news, Lady Grey would invite me for tea only to make very passive aggressive comments intermixed with huge compliments until I told her that she is indeed, my favorite, and Vernon would spray “SLAG” in hot pink on my car. Except it would be the wrong car.

D: Which of your characters do you think you could most easily take in a fight if it were fueled by their jealous rage?

EW: Horner. He’s just a drunken scaredy-cat. He would totally panic before the fight would even start and then I’d probably have to put him in a cab home, because I would worry.

D: You’re in a tag-team cage match against two of your other characters. Who from the Shakespearean canon do you choose as your partner and why?

EW: Wow, there’s a lot of “the actor v. the character” going on here David. An interesting look into how you view the characters you play. But back to me. I would choose Puck so he could just work some magic and turn the other two into donkeys or something. Just until the fight is over. I wouldn’t want to hurt my characters. 

D: Godspeed. Anything else we should know about you or the show?

EW: I expect to have a live baby as a prop for the last scene of Part 3. It’s in my contract.

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