Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Henry VI - Jonathan Minton

Dish, dish, dish! Today we bring you an interview with the scrumptious Jonathan Minty-…er, Minton. He’s here to whet your appetite and reserve you at booth at Hamlet Isn’t Dead’s Henry VI. Jonathan’s portraying a veritable buffet of characters over the (main) course of the trilogy, including York, Glansdale, and the First Sentinel (ooh, sexy).

Feast your eyes on his delectable headshot, his allegorical wit, and remember, this is just an appetizer. (Is it obvious I was really hungry when conducting this interview?)

Talking to this guy, my stomach wasn't the only thing growling.
If you know what I mean.

D: Hi, Jonathan. I see you're playing York. Like the peppermint patty. What do you think York’s favorite candy is?

JM: Hmmmm. A part of me is inclined to say Peppermint Patties, but that'd just be flattery. Really, though, for York, nothing beats peanut M&Ms. Tough exterior, then chocolate, then the surprise nut that you can either enjoy or be shocked by 'cause you thought you were just eating a large regular M&M, and then whose got the upper hand? The M&M. That's York's style, right there.

D: Delicious. Now, in the first part of the trilogy, York goes to war, knowing he may face certain death and never return. In a similar situation, what would your last meal be?

JM: My last meal? Am I having this last meal by myself or with company? If it's by myself, I've always been a big fan of a rare steak with horseradish mashed potatoes, some sort of greens, and a really great red wine. Of course there'd have to be the table cloth and everything- unlike York, I'm all about the atmosphere. If I'm having this last meal with company- Brunch. All out, Lower East Side or St Marks Brunch-y goodness, probably at an outside table. It's my last meal- what restaurant is going to deny me that?

D: I’m sorry, I’ve stopped paying attention, but I'm sure you're being very clever. Have you ever been really, really hungry onstage? Or had to pee? What’s your favorite story of something affecting you onstage, either internal or external?

JM: Peeing on stage? I've never peed onstage, though there have been plenty of times I've wanted to. But one time during college I was working on a show (that will go unnamed), and after my character has "died" onstage, I'm starting to doze off, and in the middle of one of my castmates' big climactic speech, I farted so loudly I jolted awake and just lay perfectly still for the remaining 20 minutes trying to look dead (this was a Black Box, so there were people a foot away from me). It was pretty horrible, I couldn't look the rest of my cast in the eye for the rest of that weekend. Great conversation starter, though.

D: That. Is. Hysterical. Jonathan, you’re a good sport, and a very appetizing interviewee. Anything else we need to know about you or the show?

JM: I'll probably be judging the soundtrack of this production as harshly as the rest of the audience. I'm a big fan of soundtracks. Particularly trilogy soundtracks. No trombone? No dice.

There you have it, Shakespearean gourmets! Chef Minton is here to whip you up a big ol' batch of Henry the Sixth Stew. Food puns aside though, Jonathan's a phenomenal actor who gets to chance to follow a deep and complex character over the course of three separate shows. Come with him on that journey, won't you? And until then, bon appétit!

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