Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Henry VI - Sophia Blum

Alright, look, we all want to play Margaret. Show us an actress that doesn't want to play Margaret, and we'll show you an actress who's... obviously never read Margaret!! But this time, it's Sophia's turn, and she has been rocking it thus far. Though, lest we pigeonhole her, she's also playing Bassett and Gargrave in Part One, so you'll have to ask her which role she prefers.

Margaret's another one of the roles in the trilogy that occurs in all three parts (Jonathan Minton's was the first we mentioned, in case you missed his entry), so please come and let Sophia's performance (and her smile) melt the ice of jealousy currently encasing your heart.


D: Sophia, you’re playing Margaret, one of the most coveted female roles in Shakespeare’s canon. How are you feeling? Daunted? Excited? 

SB: Both? I’m beyond thrilled and excited to be playing Margaret. I actually have quite a history with this character, she’s one of the reasons I fell in love with Shakespeare. I’ve played bits and pieces of her before, but to be able to play her in these three plays in rep is a total dream come true. That being said, I’ll freely admit that my eyes do dart towards the nearest exit sign at least once a rehearsal. It’s quite an undertaking. She’s complex and intense and goes through a hell of a lot emotionally in the course of this trilogy. Did I mention she also talks a lot? Yeah, I should probably be memorizing lines right now… The point is, I’m reveling in the challenge that is Miss Maggie, and I can’t wait to see where she takes me!

D: You seem to be pretty attached to the character. What amount of money would someone have to pay you for you to let them play Margaret instead?

SB: If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. 

D: C'mon. I have twenty dollars in my pocket. Can I play Margaret? Please?

SB: Yeah, definitely not. Nice try. 

D: Fine. Is this the most exciting role you’ve ever worked on? Of course it is! What was the second most exciting or challenging?

SB: Second most challenging would probably be when I played Mme. X and Mlle. Y in August Strindberg’s The Stronger. It’s a play between two women, only one of which speaks throughout the course of the show. So, it’s basically just one big monologue.  On top of that, my cast-mate and I actually alternated characters each night and each role comes with its own set of serious challenges. That was pretty wild, but no, nothing is quite as cool or scary as Margaret. 

D: Thanks, Sophia. Anything else we should know about you or the show?

SB: Did I mention this is my NYC theatre debut? Yay! Thanks HID! 

There you have it, lords and ladies. Madame Margaret is not for sale. But from the sound of Sophia's conviction (and what we've seen in rehearsal so far), the part is in good hands. Speaking of hands, if you haven't gotten your hands on tickets yet, now would be the time! And then you can bring those same hands to the performance and put them together specifically for Sophia! See you there!!

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