Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Richard III - Perry Lewis

If you were born under a lucky star, you were able to catch Perry Lewis as Hamlet Isn't Dead's Titus Andronicus. If that lucky star had a twin, you'll also be able to see him as Lord Mayor, Lord Stanley, and First Murderer in our upcoming Richard III.

A hundred thousand people just simultaneously checked their star charts.

Brevity is very much the soul of wit, so we'll leave it at that. Prepare yourself for the untamable wit that is Perry Lewis.

HID: What is your favorite color and the favorite color of each of your characters?

PL: My favorite color is Blue. Murder #1's (whose name is Digby) favorite color is Red, Lord Mayor's (whose name is Chester) favorite color is orange, and Lord Stanley's (whose name is Lord Stanley) is Copper.

HID: If you were the real Lord Mayor (let’s say of New York) what would be your first official orders?

PL: If I was the real Mayor of New York my first official order would be "CLEAN UP THIS MESS!!!!!"

HID: How do you think First Murderer worked his way to the top? Do you think he started out as, say, Seventeenth Murderer?

PL: First Murderer is not on the top, guys; Second Murderer is.

HID: If you were to be granted a Dukedom, what would you want to be the Duke of? Duke of Pizza? Duke of Hugs? Anything.

PL: The Duke of Awesome....Duh.

Duh indeed! Don't miss the Duke of Awesome, and many others, at Hamlet Isn't Dead's Richard III, opening March 20th!!
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