Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Richard III - Sara Group

The last time Sara Group was on Struts and Frets, her episode began with a limerick (It did, we swear). This time, we give you Sara as a haiku.

She played an Edward
In Henry the Sixth and died.
This show's deja vu.

If this seems a bit vague, that's either the nature of ancient Japanese poetry, or we're really bad at haikus. Either way, Sara plays Lady Anne, Catesby and Prince Edward in this show, and (spoiler!) things do not go well for the latter.

Or for Anne, really, but don't tell Sara. She's not read it yet.

So now we give you the stylings of Sara Madeline "Don't Give Me a Weird Middle Nickname" Group.

HID: Here we go! What is your favorite color and the favorite color of each of your characters?

SG: My favorite color is a nice grass green. Prince Edward's is sky blue, and Anne's is red (for the House of Lancaster and vengeance). For some reason the first thing that popped into my head for Catesby was plaid, so I'm going with that because it makes me chuckle. 

HID: You portray Prince Edward in this show as a puppet. Who’s your favorite puppet from all of history? Is it ALF?

SG: Y'know, I never got into Alf. And I'm drawing a serious puppet blank. Can I just choose the movie Labyrinth in its entirety?

HID: You may. What’s the most difficult part of the show for you?

SG: In terms of physical difficulty, definitely the scene with the Prince Edward puppet. I did not expect that it would require so much arm strength to operate that little guy. 

HID: We’re sorry to hear that. Is there anything we can do to make it easier for you?

SG: Not unless you can magically make my biceps larger. 

Well, it may not be strictly magical, but we're sure the show has at this point. Come see Sara Group exercise every muscle, from her biceps to her brain in Hamlet Isn't Dead's Richard III, opening THIS FRIDAY March 20th!
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