Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Richard III - Laura Iris Hill

Time for a bit of a vocab lesson. Laura Hill informs us that a "budgie" is a small Australian bird, and that "budgie smuggler" is a slang term for a speedo. We're not brave enough to check that out on Urban Dictionary, so we'll have to take her word for it. Plus, she plays Margaret in HID's Richard III, so we're not willing to risk getting on her bad side.

Good luck finding a bad side on that face.

And with that, we're glad to welcome to the annals of HIDiocy, Laura Iris Hill!

HID: First off, what is your favorite color and the favorite color of each of your characters?

LH:     My favourite colour is green. Always has been. It’s the colour of nature. 

     Margaret: I’m going with red for the house of Lancaster but it also fits in nicely with all the blood of her enemies she likes to spill.

     Richard of York: this little guy likes orange. Bold and bright like him.
     Messenger of Lord Stanley: this wily character is all about the beige
     Messenger to Richard: a bit flaky this one, this messenger just can’t commit when it comes to colours. Pretty unstable if you ask me.

HID: So…what was Margaret up to during all that time in banishment?

LH:     Well, yes, this is the question, isn’t it? You see her cousin Louis XI of France took pity on her and tried to keep her out of trouble by setting her up as a hostess of a B&B, and I have this on good authority, not too far from the current location of the Euro Disney. Not really known for her warmth, hospitality or going out of her way to serve others this sent Margaret into, if you can imagine, even deeper depths of fury. She does say “…I do find more pain in banishment/ Than death can yield me…” when she returns to England in Richard III. Running that B&B, that’s what really pushed her over the edge; too many doilies, and no Yorks around to douse them in blood. What’s a former queen to do? 

HID: If you were banished from New York right now, what would you have to do before you left?

LH:     Who have you been talking to?

HID: Is there anyone in real life you feel needs a good old fashioned cursing? If so, who is it and what’s the curse?

LH:     Well, you know, I’m not really the cursing type myself but since you ask and I’m put on the spot I guess I would say because I come from Australia the current prime minister could do with some good old fashioned cursing. John Oliver has even done a segment mocking him – for an English guy to do that on tv here in the USA means our prime minister is definitely up to no good.

     As for the curse itself…hmmmn…maybe he should be turned into a budgie seeing as he has such a penchant for smuggling them.

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