Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of Richard III - Samantha Maurice

     God save the queen! And if we’re talking about Queen Elizabeth, some god had better intervene. Because Lizzie’s got it coming from all sides in Shakespeare’s Richard III. Some view her as a traitor, some as a usurper, but still she (and actress Samantha Maurice) manages to light up a room.

Don't stare too long; it's bad for your eyes.
And creepy.

It’s not easy being queen, nor is this queen’s journey an easy one to watch. She loses several loved ones and her position of power all in just a few acts. But we’re putting the cart before the boar. Let’s see what Sam has to say about her royal counterpart.

HID: Easy start: what’s your favorite color? And, for that matter, what’s Queen Elizabeth’s?

SM:     My favorite color is green. Elizabeth's favorite color probably should be grey since that was the name of her first husband, but honestly, I think Lizzie is a purple gal. 

HID: If you were the queen in real life, what would your first proclamation be?

SM:     If I were a queen in real life, my first act would be better funding for the arts. We should support our artists. Particularly those artists playing queens. They should get lots of money. And back rubs. 

HID: You’ve got some pretty intimate moments with Richard III. Surely he’s not such a bad guy. Could you tell us anything positive about him?

SM:     I imagine Richard could lead an incredible filibuster.

HID: And we know he can. Last question: if Richard and Elizabeth got married, what song would play during their first dance?

SM:     I think if Richard actually won Liz over to his side, she would back him whole-heartedly in his tyranny. So I imagine their wedding song would be 'The Ride of the Valkeries.' Or maybe Darth Vader's theme song. 

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