Love's Labour's Lost: Dramatis Personae

It's that time again! Time for you to gaze lovingly into the eyes of the twelve actors who are going to steal your hearts in Love's Labour's Lost! It's Shakespeare's first romantic comedy, and we've filled to to the brim with all the love, laughter, and 90s music it can handle. 

Join us not only for in-house music from our irresistible actors, but pre-show jams from Della Grove - one of our favorite Brooklyn-based Rock and Americana bands.

We're also thrilled to bring you treats courtesy of Park Slope's own Buttermilk Bakeshop. We're not only excited for you, but we're looking forward to chowing down on some ourselves!

Therefore, without (much) further ado, we're proud to introduce the gorgeous cast of Love's Labour's Lost!

Greg Pragel as Berowne
Justin Weaks as King Ferdinand

Jordon Waters as Dumain/Forester

Travis Klemm as Longaville/Dull
Alice Qin as Rosaline
Megan Greener as Princess of France
Shanna Dana as Maria/Jacquenetta
Samantha Maurice as Katherine/Holofrenes
Nicholas Jaye Stauffer as Boyet/Nathaniel
David Andrew Laws as Costard
Josh Mahaffey as Moth
Jose Miguel Dao as Don Armado

Come laugh, love, and sing along with the coolest cats around this summer at Westbeth Artists Community. Within the next few days, we'll be bringing you a one-on-one interview with each of these stunning celebrities, so stay tuned. Bookmark this page, spread the work, and check back frequently.

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