Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Love's Labour's Lost - David Andrew Laws

"Last, but not least" is a phrase not usually associated with Shakespeare. Sometimes, when dealing with the Bard, last and least go hand in hand. Two Noble Kinsmen? Come on. And Sonnet 154? It doesn't even rhyme! All we're saying is, the bar's been raised high, and if David Andrew Laws wants to overcome it, he's gonna have to use all the lankiness he embodies to do so.

"Challenge accepted."
(Special thanks to company member Samantha Maurice for providing these questions, so that David didn't have to interview himself.)

HID: You know the drill. What's Costard's favorite color?

DL: Luckily, Costard isn't bound by such conventions as "favorite" or "color" or "What's". He's a fan of every and all things. Asking him to choose a favorite color would be like asking a molecule of water to compose an original opera. But also, it's yellow.

HID: Costard treats us with several songs during the show. What is Costard's favorite 90's single?

DL: Unfortunately, Costard's favorite 90s single hasn't been released yet, because it's from the year 2090. But it's called "All 4 of U", which is a gritty remake of the Sister Hazel song combined with relevant themes on personal cloning devices. It's going to have been a big hit.

HID: Costard also has a penchant for malapropisms. Have you ever embarrassed yourself through trying to sound smarter than you are?

DL: Okay, this is a such a leading question that I'm almost certain you're looking for me to tell a specific story, but the sad truth is that this happens to so frequently that I can't decide which one. Recently I remember realizing that the word "fluctuate" doesn't have an "x" in it, which just blew my mind. Other words I may frequently misuse include "indoctrinate", "obstinately", and "completely legal".

HID: What is Costard going to spend his guerdon and his remuneration on?

DL: Spoiler alert! But probably nothing. In the scene where he exits joyfully with them in hand, it's very likely that he tries to throw the coins in the air and catch them...but drops them and loses them in a storm grate. Not that I've done that with the props, Dayle! I promise. Dayle? I don't want to go back in the cupboard....

HID: Anything else we need to know about you or the show?

DL: The serious answer is that singing in front of an audience is the second scariest thing I've been asked to do in front of an audience, so enjoy that opportunity while it lasts.
        The silly answer is, I'm gonna need someone to let me out of the cupboard when this airs.

We'll be sure to send someone soon, David, but all the people reading this are going to be too busy buying up those last few Love's Labour's Lost tickets. Right? RIGHT?? See you there!
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