Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Love's Labour's Lost - Justin Weaks

We're not sure if you're aware, but Justin Weaks, who plays the King of Navarre in our Love's Labour's Lost, is actually royalty. He's the king of our hearts. *blush* But seriously, we love him, and you're going to too! Be careful, you might have to fight to Princess of France for him! But between all the loving looks he'll be shooting you and the melodious harmonies of his personally written love-ballads, you'll be willing to take that chance.

Let's keep the fan-ficion PG-13 though, shall we?

HID: The world’s dying to know: What’s King Ferdinand’s favorite color and why?

JW: Ferdinand's favorite color is most definitely red. It's a color you must pay attention to. It also signifies strength and determination, which one needs a lot of if they're ruling over a kingdom in their 20's. 

HID: If you were king, what would be your first kingly decree?

JW: That's a toughie! If I, Justin, were king I'd find a way to get as many books for as many kids as I could. Too many don't have access to something so basic! 

HID: When it comes to ladies, have you and your friends ever gotten up to any similar antics as the King and his men?

JW: My friend, Andrew, was going on a blind date and invited me and another friend of ours, Cassie, to come to the restaurant, sit at a nearby table, and scope his date out. Then, during the dinner he and his date would "run into us" at the other table. And we'd give him our opinion of his date when he asks "How's the dessert?". His date was flaky. 

HID: Yikes. Burn. Okay, which of his court is really King Ferdinand’s favorite? Be honest.

JW: Longaville, fo sho! He's always down for the King's ideas! 

HID: We hear that. Anything else we should know about you or the show itself?

JW: When I was 6, I went to the playground to marry my first grade girlfriend (we had arranged this at snack). I went to the wooden fort on the playground, the alter, to exchange vows, but got a bad splinter and stood her up at the alter instead. That was in 1996, and I still have the splinter!! That's Love's Labour's Lost-ish, yeah? Enjoy the show!! 

Well, now we're just going to spend the whole time wondering where the splinter is! Place your bets before coming to the show to see if you can spy it yourself! See you soon!
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