Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of Love's Labour's Lost - Greg Pragel

Quick! Who's the perfect actor to play Berowne whose initials are G.P.? If you guessed Guy Pearce, Gregory Peck, or George Plooney, you're wrong, close, or kinda weird. If you guessed Gwyneth Paltrow, we applaud you on your progressive thinking. But the correct answer is, as you'll see next week, Greg Pragel! And here's your sneak peek inside the mind of one of Shakespeare's cleverest, wittiest, sexiest characters.

Clearly, perfect casting.

HID: Hi, Greg! First thing's first, what's Berowne's favorite color, and why?

GP: Berowne's favorite color would have to be yellow, or bright orange/red because he talks about light & the sun throughout the play. Or maybe it's the color of Rosaline's eyes which are … wait I know this one. 

HID: Let's move on. Berowne’s a very learned man who likes to advise and lecture others. If he were a schoolteacher, what would he teach?

GP: I'd like to think that Berowne is the substitute teacher that comes in & gives the classroom life again. He'd probably teach English, with his wit & wordplay it would be a fun subject to teach - but he wouldn't just teach it or give lectures. I'd like to believe Berowne is the guy who instead teaching about a war, he has his students battle it out with Super Soakers. Instead of teaching about music he brings in his electric guitar & melts their faces off. He's like Dead Poets Society meets Dangerous Minds meets School of Rock!


HID: Berowne also has a lot of long soliloquies. Are there any times in your life when you talk to yourself more than usual?

GP: Well I've been caught at work a few times now. I cater for a bunch of companies in the city & one time we were at someone's house deep in Brooklyn, for a business meeting or maybe an engagement party or bar mitzvah (they all blend together after a while) - but my boss Alan came over, nice guy, & in the softest, kindest voice says, "Greg, you look like a crazy person. Stop staring at the wall & talking to yourself. The wall ain't gonna talk back to ya." 

HID: We’ve noticed you (Greg) are a big Marvel superheroes fan. If Berowne were the sidekick for a Marvel superhero, who would it be and why?

        Ok obviously if you know me I'd like to say Spidey, because he's the answer for everything - or Thor because …well, its THOR - but I think Berowne would be a funnier version of War Machine. 

        Here's why: first off Iron Man/ Tony Stark is Berowne. He's witty, a player, an intellectual, a leader within having another leader (Cap or Nick Fury), a lover at heart, acts quickly & passionately - he's Iron Man. So if he had to be a sidekick he'd be Rhodey, or War Machine. But I might rename him to give him his own persona like Iron Wit, the Metal Jester, or Copper Whip…which are all terrible names. Lol


HID: Anything else we need to know about you or the show itself?

GP: If you've ever acted foolishly being so in love, or want to watch others act foolishly cause they are in love - Come See This Show!
        If you love 90's music -
Come See This Show!
       If you like Superheroes…well there aren't any in this show, But we can talk after, so
Come See This Show!
       Seriously, I laugh every single day in rehearsal - if you like to laugh, come see this show !

See you soon !  :) 

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