Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of Love's Labour's Lost - Nicholas Stauffer

Here's a familiar face! If you've been fortunate and diligent, you saw Nicholas Jaye Stauffer in Hamlet Isn't Dead's first two productions, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Taming of the Shrew. If you didn't, you're even luckier, because now you get to experience the thrill of him for the first time! In this play, he presents the nerdy cleric Nathaniel, and "honey-tongued" Boyet. Whether you know Nick or not, it's easy to tell he constantly lives somewhere between those two personalities.

Case in point.

HID: Let’s not beat around the bush: What’re Boyet and Nathaniel’s favorite color and why?

NS: Boyet's favorite color is black. Undoubtedly. What's not to love about it? It matches with everything. He wears it to remind everyone just how pasty white his skin is. It's a point of pride.

(Editor's Note: As Nick didn't reveal Nathaniel's favorite color, we can only assume it's hot, sparkly pink, just like Nick's.)

HID: Can Boyet tell us any gossip about the ladies he serves?

NS: Maria spits in Rosaline's foundation so it gets clumpy faster. No one, and I mean -NO ONE- knows that, and Rosa would be SUPER mad if she found out.... You're not going to tell anyone, right?

        I also heard from Katharine, who heard from Rosaline, who heard from the Princess that Maria got a phone before Katharine, which made Katharine totally mad because she said to Maria-....

       You know.... Some questions are better left unanswered.

HID: Fair. Some of your switches between Boyet and Nathaniel are very fast. Do you have anything specific that you do to help you switch characters on a dime?

NS: I'd say it all comes from the terribly uncomfortable way that Nathaniel wears his pants. They're hiked up so high that it's nearly impossible to forget that you're anyone but Nathaniel.

HID:This is also your third production with Hamlet Isn’t Dead. What is it that keeps bringing you back? Be honest….

NS: I mainly keep coming back because I have such confusing feelings about co-founder David Laws... I'm not sure if it's puppy love, or the real thing. It may take one more show to know the answer for sure.

HID: Anything else we need to know about you or the show itself?

NS: I'd say the MAIN thing to know about the show itself is that it's not NEARLY as confusing as one would originally assume, and anything that was confusing Dayle has done a pretty good job of clearing up. This one is going to be very high energy, and it's quite exciting.


We're not sure Nick anticipated us keeping that "Booyah" in, but it's a very fitting salutation for such a dynamic actor. Don't miss one of our favorite people doing what he does best, making you smile at every conceivable moment. Join us soon for Love's Labour's Lost!
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