Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of Love's Labour's Lost - Jordon Waters

The legends have told for years of mysterious man who would grace the stages of the West Village. One who moves like a snake, speaks like a fox, and sings like the morning lark.
That Jordon Waters.


Coming this summer, Jordon Waters is...Love's Labour's Lost. Join us for the magic, the music, and the machismo. Will he be able to save the world in time, or is that even what the show's about in the first place? Can the Lord of the Dance save his own two feet from turning against him? Only the plot will tell.

There's a reason we do the show barefoot.

HID: First thing’s this: What are Dumain and the Forester’s favorite color and why?

JW: Forester- light green, it reminds him of majestic meadows.
Dumian-Purple, always vibes with Prince "purple rain".

HID: You’re quite a mover (and a shaker) as we see during Dumain’s love song. Do you come by that naturally, or have you trained at it? Maybe a little of both?

JW: I graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2013 with my BFA in Dance/choreography. I have been dancing for 8 or so years. When I was younger I had no rhythm or any kind of movement skill what so ever. It's amazing how far I have gotten even still having trouble getting on beat. I'm an odd duck but I find my own geese to fly with.

HID: We see at least what happens to Dumain before the end of the play, but the Forester’s only on for a moment. What happens to him afterwards?

JW: The Forester finds a lovely tree in a meadow and rolls his favorite joint "Pineapple Express" while listening to Jimi Hendrix and eating an tangerine.

HID: Personal question: Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? If not, what would be your first choice of one?

JW: I have a blanket that i have had since i was born. Every where I travel it comes with me. It has seen and experienced more then most baby blankets should ever go through. Yet it manages to keep its figure.

HID: Anything else we need to know about you or the show itself?

JW: This is the first time I have a speaking role in Shakespeare. My roller coaster of emotions, being challenged, excited, scared and joyful, is the experience and passion that really makes me love theater. I just moved to New York in February of 2015, there is nothing I can't do.

We've only known Jordon for a few months ourselves, but we're firm believers in him as well. Come bask in all his glory (and sit in the front row to triple that effect) at Love's Labour's Lost, opening July 16th!
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