Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of Love's Labour's Lost - Shanna Dana

Happy Birthday, Shanna Dana!!! Okay, in all likelihood, it's not actually Shanna Dana's birthday when you're reading this. But this blog posts exist and are accessible year-round. So there's a 1/365-ish chance that you've returned here on Shanna's birthday. And if so, hooray! Let there be cake! And ice cream! And an interview with Love's Labour's Lost's best Maria/Jaquenetta combo ever!

Seen here auditioning for Two Gentlemen of Verona's inevitable gritty reboot.

HID: First: What are Maria and Jacquenetta’s favorite color and why?

SD: Maria is very much like myself, so of course her favorite color is Purple.
Jaquenetta's is red because it's bright and flashy.

HID: If it weren’t for the “unexpected surprise” at the end of the play, who do you think Jacquenetta would really end up with, Costard or De Armado? Be honest….

SD: Well both are very handsome contenders, but I do believe Jaquanette would end up with De Armado in the end. There's this awkwardness with De Armado that makes things less easy, which let's be honest is how things usually are for Jaquenetta. I think she secretly likes the extra effort that's needed for their relationship.

HID: Be doubly honest. What is it Maria actually sees in Longaville?

SD: I believe Maria once saw Longaville sweetly give a kiddo a cookie off an unreachable tray at a marriage feast in Normandy. Since then she's wanted to have his babies. Also, how could you not love those handsome eyes!

HID: Have guys done anything creepy (such as dressing up like Muscovites) to win your affection since you moved to New York?

SD: Oddly yes. One time this guy stole my phone in hopes to heroically return it later. After two hours,  many many tears,  and one too many drinks on his part, he attempted to cheer me up with some pictures of Canadian bears he had taken. Instead of pulling out his own phone though, he tried to show me his pictures on my own phone...let's just say it didn't work out.

HID: Anything else we should know about you or the show itself?

SD: Working with this group has been so wonderful and, they all are so kind. I can't wait for ya'll to come see this show!

Awww...we're blushing. All Shanna Dana wants for her birthday is for you to come see Love's Labour's Lost. Make it happen!
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