R2RJ: Dramatis Personae

Eight actors. Two shows. Eleven performances. That's right, chances are few and seats will be limited as Hamlet Isn't Dead presents Shakespeare's most famous couple alongside his most downtrodden king. Passion, power, and politics collide in the "Vendetta Duology" you won't want to miss. Both shows are rife with love, honor, duty, and just a smattering of violence to keep things interesting. Check out their faces here, and return often as....

Hamlet Isn't Dead Presents:

Richard II

directed by Emily C. A. Snyder


Romeo & Juliet

directed by David Andrew Laws


Nathan Luttrull as Romeo/Sampson
& Duke of York/Gardener's Servant
Madeline Wolf as Juliet/Gregory
& Percy/Bushy/Lady in Waiting

Amanda Clark as Tybalt/Friar Laurence
& Mowbray/Bagot/Exton
Kineta Kunutu as Benvolio
& John of Gaunt/Bishop of Carlisle/Gardener/Duchess of York

Morgan Hooper as Mercutio/Paris/Prince
& Richard II

Robin Rightmyer as Lord Capulet
& Bolingbroke
Alice Qin as Lady Capulet/Abraham
& Northumberland/Green
Kitty Mortland as Nurse/Montague
& Queen Isabella/Duke of Aumerle

We hope you're as excited as we are, though honestly that would be fairly impressive. We can't wait to share these stories with you through old friends and new acquaintances. Whether its your first time joining us or your tenth, we know this is going to be theatre you'll love.

...whether you like it or not.
Ticket information will be available soon. In the meantime, mark your calendar. Show dates are:
 Oct. 31st - Nov. 22nd at 55 Bethune St., New York, NY

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