Two Truths w/ Kineta Kunutu

Maybe it's ironic that the first thing Kineta ever said to us when she walked into the audition room was "It's Gonna Be Me". After she finished blowing our minds, she said "Bye, Bye, Bye", but we said "I Want You Back"! Thus, a collaboration was born, and we are happily able to share with you the following "Digital Get Down". (Oh my god, remember that song? Classic.)

There she is, and she speaks the truth(s and a lie), "No Strings Attached". You'd be a real "Space Cowboy" if you'd follow her suggestions and donate! And if you don't, we'll start "Trashin the Camp"! (Remember? From Tarzan? Ah...good times.) In the meantime, we'll be here "Thinkin of You"! Aaaaand, that's all the N*Sync songs we can think of off the top of our heads. So... Hooray!
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