Two Truths w/ Morgan Hooper

In his day, Morgan Hooper has played many, many kings: King John, King Henry VI, King Cophetua, Old King Cole, Burger King, Kingdom Hearts 2, and George, King of the Jungle. But his greatest kingship to date is that of Richard II in Hamlet Isn't Dead's Richard II / Romeo & Juliet duology. 

He also plays the Prince in Romeo & Juliet. Does that count? We're gonna say that counts. And speaking of counting, can you count to Two Truths & a Lie? If not, here's a little assistance from the King of Things himself, Morgan Hooper.

If that video doesn't make you want to pledge fealty, we don't know what to tell you. All we can suggest is that you catch him in R2RJ, and that you make your contribution to Hamlet Isn't Dead's Indiegogo Campaign before it's too late! Hurry! We'll meet you there!

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