Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of King John - Isaac Allen Miller

You can tell just by looking at him that Isaac Allen Miller gets around. Theatrically! We don't want to know what you were thinking. Even after King John, you'll have the opportunity to see him in Hamlet Isn't Dead's *Shakespeare's Fools' Day* event as a representative of Cutout Theatre Company, as well as in Double Falsehood with Spicy Witch Productions later this year. Like we said, around!

But for now, let's focus on him in his most bastard-y role to date, Philip the Bastard in Hamlet Isn't Dead's King John! As brevity is the soul of wit, it's a relatively brief interview, so soak up every word.

Also soak up all the drool we're sure this picture's making you produce.

HID: So first thing's first (as usual). What's your favorite color and what's your character's favorite color?

IAM: My favorite color is pink, the Bastard's favourite color is that color blood leaves when you try to scrub it off your teeth. So I guess it's pink.

HID: The bastard goes from being named Phillip to being dubbed Sir Richard. If you could change your name to anything what would it be? 
IAM: August. There's something round and robust about the name, not as sharp as Isaac but still firm. 
HID: If King John and Richard were in a karaoke competition what sweet power duet would they sing to dominate the competition? 

IAM: I can't answer this without spoiling our production. If it were my choice, it would be "Get a Dog" with Homeboy Sandman and Aesop Rock.

HID: If the Bastard had 24 hours to spend in Vegas what would he get up to? 

IAM: LAS Vegas? That's the place with large tubes of M&Ms. He'd probably put on an M&M themed hat, put out a tip jar, and pour M&Ms for people.

HID: The Bastard is pretty cheeky and quick of wit--have you ever had a moment where you were really proud of a comeback or a particularly witty moment? 

IAM: I work with kids and there was this one kid who wouldn't stop calling me mean so I said "You're mean." She was like "No I'm not, you are." Later, she snatched one of her friends books and her friend started crying and I went up to her and I was like "See! SEE! That was OBJECTIVELY MEAN! YOU ARE MEAN! OBJECTIVELY!" I'm acting a lot when I'm on stage, The Bastard's wit doesn't come naturally to me.

 You know what else would be objectively mean? Missing Isaac and the rest of the HIDiots in King John! Don't risk it! Get your tickets today!
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