Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of King John - Brooke Reynolds

If you're reading this on the day it goes out, it's Brooke Reynold's birthday! If you're reading it from the future, we hope you remembered to wish her well! And if you're reading this from the past...but, how??

Either way, welcome to the wonderful world of Brooke Reynolds! Things here are wonderful, wacky, and always full of fun. If these answers don't convince you, check her out in person as Constance in Hamlet Isn't Dead's King John! See her before she sees you.

Too late. Brooke always sees you.

HID: Okay, first things first, what's your favorite color and what's your character's favorite color?

BR: My favorite color is black because you can’t tell when I get coffee and dirt all over myself, which is pretty much a daily occurrence because caffeine. (PSA over-comsuption of caffeine can make you hyped enough that you basically roll around the floor screaming giddy gibberish, hence the dirt. Or twerk violently to a beat no one else can hear).

Luckily for me, Constance’s favorite color is also black, which is definitely going to save me some serious time I would have spent in character research. How does her preference for black affect the given circumstances? Is she always overheated? What is it to appreciate the essence of “black” as an entity. Phew. But for real, she’s a widow who wants everyone to know it. So black.

HID: Constance does some pretty serious old-school cursing. If Constance were concocting a physical curse, what are the ingredients she would stew in her pot?

BR: Oh, easy! The tongues of my usurping Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law, the curdled blood of blasphemers, Cardinal Pandulph’s blessed fingernail clippings, the righteous tears of my wronged son Prince Arthur, candied oranges, the soil of my homeland, and a dash of late night merlot. Normally she won’t touch the stuff--it’s been known to loosen bra straps--but a bit of wine in the potion really helps the mixture to release its inhibitions.

HID: Constance also gets into a pretty nasty cat fight with Elinor. If she were to appear on a reality TV show, what would it be?

BR: You would think you might find these sharp-tongued gals drawing blood on The Bad Girl’s Club or Real Housewives, but honestly Constance is all about The Bachelor. After all, hasn’t she been on the market long enough? Hope you’re reading this King Phillip.

HID: Constance is first and foremost a tiger mom. What is her favorite way to bond with Arthur in their downtime?

BR: What good are children if they can’t make their parents feel loved and appreciated? Arthur gives the best footrubs. Prime bonding.

HID: Have you ever played a crazy character or a character who is losing their mind before?

BR: Other than a stint as Isabella in ‘The Madness of Isabella”, most of the characters I play tilt right on the edge madness, or just love to talk too much. But as Isabella would say, “Ding dong ding dong, the bells go up the street, the cats are pawing smartly and the forks are on their feet; the mountains shrink wrap sandwiches of bread and cheese and meat, and still the quibbling chinstraps are resting on their seat"

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