Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of King John - Isaac Andrew

Happy Spring, everyone! And here comes your favorite Easter Bunny to help you celebrate, Isaac Andrew! (Seriously though, ask him for some Peeps; he's a great sharer) Isaac plays Salisbury and the ever-important First Citizen in Hamlet Isn't Dead's King John, and between the show and this interview, he's going to be the only citizen you'll want in your life.

First by name, first by nature.
HID: So first thing's first what is your favorite color and what are your characters favorite colors?

IA: I’m going to have to go with Blue. Then again, purple has its charms. What do you get when you mix them? Blurple? Heliotrope! Definitely Heliotrope.

HID: The first citizen comes up with the plot to marry Blanche and Lewis--have you ever been set up on a date or played matchmaker for any of your friends?

IA: Back in High School I was set up by well-meaning friends with a very new age girl named Destiny. I kid you not; I had a date with Destiny. It could have gone better.

HID:  Does Salisbury like Salisbury steak? Is it named after him? What is Salisbury steak?

IA: Salisbury loves a good bit of steak as much as the next man! Turns out, Salisbury steak is just ground beef, sometimes mixed with other foods, shaped like a hamburger patty and broiled or fried, often garnished or served with a sauce. It’s named after J. H. Salisbury (1823 – 1905), a U.S. physician who promoted the eating of such steaks. I know, I’m disappointed too.

HID: Salisbury serves as kind of a punching bag for the court in the beginning, but manages to rise to the top by the end. How does he manage to navigate the political minefield?

IA: Salisbury survives and thrives the many political tumults of the times by listening to 2 things: knowing when to stick unwaveringly to moral principles, and how to abandon them when your life is at stake.

HID: You are a Canadian import, and we feel oh so lucky to have you in New York, what's your favorite quintessential thing you can get in Canada but not in the US?

IA: It’s all about Reese’s. Here, a normal pack is two delicious peanut butter cups, and a king size gets you a third. In Canada, you start with three and get a fourth with a king size. That’s so much more! Americans are getting gypped. In this, and health care.

We're not saying Isaac will buy you a Reese's cup if you come see King John, but we're not saying he won't either. Take a chance for him and the rest of the HIDiots THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
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