Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of King John - Dani Cervone

Brevity is the soul of wit; this much we know to be true. And in the case of Dani Cervone's Struts & Frets interviews, this is the wittiest one of the bunch! We're sure there's more to her answers than meets the eye, so be on the lookout as you read it for acrostics, anagrams, and other secret messages. Read well!

It's a read or be read kind of article.

HID: So first thing's first what is your favorite color and what is your character's favorite color?

DC: My favorite color is burnt orange. Elinor's is cobalt blue

HID: John is obviously Elinor's favorite son--do you have siblings? Are you the favorite child?

DC: I have two siblings, one older sister and one younger sister. I know I am my father's favorite child because I am most like him.

HID: If Elinor was queen in her own right, what would be her first official act?

DC: If Elinor were queen she would change the monarchy in a way that the elder monarch would choose their successor rather than it merely being a birthright. It should remain in the family but only go to the one who can actually handle the responsibility.

HID: Elinor is also not afraid of the battlefield, she's a fighter, what's her workout routine? Cardio? Barre? Does she have a power song she likes to train to?

DC: Cardio-kickboxing to 90s angry grunge.

HID: You have some experience with interactive/improvised theatre, are you applying any of that training in working on King John?

DC: Improv doesn't come into play much in this production so much as Meisner, which I suppose in some way is related because it's about reacting to what you get from the other person.

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