Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of King John - Steven Godoy

It's too late, isn't it? You've already looked down at the picture below, and now you're magically trapped in Steven Godoy's eyes forever. *sigh* You're probably not even reading this, because you're so transfixed by his steely gaze. That's alright; it's not like we can blame you. We probably should have censored the picture or something. Oh well. We can think of much worse ways to be stuck.

Actually we can't think of anything else right now. *drool*

HID: Okay, first things first, what's your favorite color and what's your character's favorite color?

SG: Okay, my favorite color is green. Lewis' favorite color is actually Red, but that's the color of the English banners, so he lies and says it's Blue. Gotta keep up appearances.

HID: Lewis is the Dauphin, but if he were transformed into a dolphin what would he do?

SG: I would lead my forces of Bottlenose Brethren and take the Deep Oceans back from those Godforsaken Swordfish. After establishing a puppet government with them, we will harvest their resources to triple our numbers. Once we proven our strength, we will form an alliance with the Killer Whales of the Arctic and the Blue Whales of the Pacific, and, with their reinforcements and swordfish surf labor, launch a full sale invasion on the Coastal Waters currently inhabited by the barbaric Sharks Clans and Subspecies. Once they have been eliminated, we will march on the land, sacking human settlements, until with we have unified the world under one flipper.

HID: Lewis and Phillip have a pretty strong father-son relationship. If they were to compete in a father-son event at a county fair, what would they take home the blue ribbon for?

SG: The sack race. We are very efficient at sacking settlements.

HID: If Lewis wants to feel really sexy, what's his go-to outfit?

SG: My suit of armor. Women love a man in uniform.

HID: You come from a big, Italian family. Have they ever meddled in your love life? Have you ever had to come to the rescue of one of your family members?

SG: No, for a traditional Italian American family they are pretty good at keeping out of my love life, and when I bring a girl around, they are pretty warm and hospitable. I'm the one that keeps getting into trouble. 

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