Struts & Frets: Interviews with Cast & Crew of King John - Travis Klemm

Travis Klemm has never officially run for Pope, but if he could, we know who we'd vote for. Oh, wait. Never mind, we read his Struts & Frets and realized it's probably best the Vatican doesn't let us vote in such matters. But, he's still wildly entertaining here and as Cardinal Pandulph in Hamlet Isn't Dead's King John. Check him out below, then check him out in the show!

Dona nobis paKlemm

HID: Okay, first things first, what's your favorite color and what's your character's favorite color?

TK: My favorite color is green, while Pandulph's is a nice velvety red. Far more interesting though are our favorite smells: I like fresh baked cinnamon rolls, while Pandulph loves the scent of human despair, with just a hint of lilac. 

HID: If Pope Innocent were to die, and New Pope (Pope Francis) were to take over, how would Pandulph react? Would they get along?

TK: For starters, why are we assuming that Francis would be the next pope? Pandulph has quiiiiite a few favors to call in at the old college of cardinals, and you'd be surprised how much bribe money can be stashed inside a hollowed out crucifix. If all else fails a pocket full of charcoal will keep that smoke billowing black til they make the choice the Lord really wants. 

HID: Pandulph kind of helps to throw a pall over Blanch and Lewis' marriage. Have you ever accidentally or intentionally broken up a couple?

TK: I have before, and I will again, but we can't go giving away all our secrets now can we? 

HID: Being representative of the pope must be pretty taxing, when Pandulph isn't doing pope-y errands, or serving as God's vessel, how does he like to unwind?

TK: On his days off Pandulph enjoys the usual things. Chasing peasants, belittling surfs, selling indulgences for extra spending money, and torturing puppies in the basement of the abbey. Sometimes he likes to disguise himself as a poor street prophet and travel town to town sowing rumors, discord, and mistrust towards the monarchy.

HID: You have the honor of performing in the most Hamlet Isn't Dead shows of any of the HIDiots, what keeps bringing you back? What show are you most excited about that's coming up in the canon?

TK: It's all about the money and fame truthfully. I can't wait to find out what happens to this Hamlet guy! If he isn't dead, does that mean he's…undead? Are zombies what's rotten in the state of Denmark?!?

Our lips are sealed as far as Denmark is concerned, but the word is out about King John, and the word is good! Last night's show was sold out, so be sure to get your tickets and don't miss this wonderfully unusual event!
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