Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of A Midsummer Night's Dream - Morgan Hooper

If you've ever seen Morgan Hooper act before, you might not recognize him this time around. That's because he's usually playing with a crown on his head. With Hamlet Isn't Dead alone, he's played Henry VI, Richard II, and Prince Escalus in Romeo & Juliet, as well as King John, Leontes, and more, both at home and abroad. Can he scale down his regal stature to play the lovestruck Lysander? Come see the show and find out!

Odds are not in that noble brow's favor?

HID: First things first, what's your favorite color? What's your characters favorite color?

MH: Without a doubt my favorite color has always been red, whether that be classic red-red, burned red, rosy red or crimson. But Lysander is a complete contrast and only likes fire-engine red.

HID: So, not to get corny but you came to us straight from South Dakota (that's corn country right?). If Lysander were let loose in an empty Walmart in South Dakota what shenanigans would he get up to?

MH: You know, Lysander might seem like a total Marco Rubio-Ferris Bueller-hybrid-dillbag... but that's just a misunderstanding. He's totally the salt of the earth. He's just a Teddy Graham with the heavy burden of being the coolest dude ever, ya know? So, if he was rollin' with the Children of the Corn, he'd be having a blast. You might see him tearin' through aisle 8 on his skateboard, but he could just as easily be helping 94 year-old, Goody Smith find the Jimmy Dean's in the frozen. It's all about, like, point of view. And humanity. And, like, love.

HID: You are an unabashed Shakespeare nerd but if you had to choose another playwrights' works to perform who would you choose?

MH: Hm, there are actually several playwrights I love, ranging from classic to modern to the strange and avant garde, including: Chekov, O'Neill, Donald Margulies, Adam Rapp, Howard Barker and Michel de Ghelderode. I'm also a big fan of devised plays and classic tales from India and the Orient.

HID: What are Lysander's A-Plus sure fire moves for winning over a lady?

MH: That's easy. If my super bodacious red sunglasses don't get' em right away, it's usually a variation of "Whoa." I'll be like, "Whoa," or "Like..Whoa," or "Hey, Whoa," or "Whoa, Babe". Or sometimes if I can see there's something, like, special, I'll be like, "Hey, girl, like, whoa, we should  go down to the beach and, like, have a totally deep and meaningful conversation, ya know?" Chicks love that.

We can't argue with that! And you won't be able to either when you catch Morgan Hooper (and the rest of the HIDiots) at Hamlet Isn't Dead's A Midsummer Night's Dream, OPEN NOW!
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