Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of Merchant of Venice - Freddie Stevenson

Freddie Stevenson, at least in his Struts & Frets interview, is a man of few words. That's probably because he's used up all of his words being amazing, and now he's exhausted. Besides the four albums Freddie's put out, he's also an amazing addition to the cast of Hamlet Isn't Dead's Merchant of Venice. Check him out here, give his music a listen, then have your ears caressed in person on December 14th!

Feel free to caress your eyes with this in the meantime.
...that came our creepier than we intended.

HID: First thing’s first: What’s your favorite color, and the favorite color of your character? Any why?

FS: My favorite color is green, like trees and broccoli and money. Tubal’s favorite color is green too.

HID: There are obviously some odd & obscure rules in the legislature of Venice. If you were Duke of New York City, what’s the first thing you’d change?

FS: I would make everybody pay a pound of flesh to rent their apartments. It would be less painless than the current deal.

HID: What’s Tubal’s favorite thing about Shylock? What makes them such close compatriots?

FS: Shylock is an honest man. He is only trying to ride the system as it stands. Hats off to him.

HID: What are the biggest similarities and differences between Tubal and the Duke?

FS: Tubal is powerful, but he thinks he’s powerless. The Duke is powerless, but he thinks he’s powerful. 

Can't wait for more? Well, you don't have to for long! See Freddie, and all the HIDiots, in Merchant of Venice, opening December 14th!
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