Dramatis Personae: The Merry Wives of Windsor

This holiday season, Hamlet Isn't Dead is giving you the best gift of all: a Shakespearean spin-off personally requested by Queen Elizabeth herself. That's right, it's time for love, laughter, and live music with a theatrical festival that’s half-Christmas & half-Mardi Gras. You won’t want to miss the action, the antics, and the atmosphere of this jovial hidden gem.

And your hosts for this delightful event are listed below! Be sure to introduce yourself to the new faces, say hello again to the old ones, and RSVP for the party of the season!

Hamlet Isn't Dead presents:

William Shakespeare's

The Merry Wives of Windsor


Andy McCain as Ford

Briana Sakamoto* as Robin

David Hentz as Fenton

James Armstrong* as Falstaff

Josh Mahaffey^ as Shallow

Kat Peña as Mrs. Page

Keith Caram* as Simple

Noah Ruff* as Dr. Caius

Olivia Stevenson as Mrs. Ford

Rebecca Odorisio* as Quickly

Stephanie La Vardera* as Anne Page

Toby Miller as Page

Travis Klemm^ as Slender
It’s a hilarious holiday hootenanny, and you're invited to be the guest of honor! So reserve your seat and come grab a drink, because it's time to go a-wassailing with the merriest HIDiots around!
Tickets are on sale now! Get yours here: http://mwow.bpt.me

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*appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association
^ Hamlet Isn't Dead Resident Acting Company Member 2017