That Is The Question - Episode 1 - Dinks & Ducats (Starring Michael Satow)

Hamlet Isn't Dead's got a brand new bag! But, more importantly, a brand new podcast! That Is The Question is William Shakespeare's favorite panel show (don't worry, we asked him), and it's now available for you!

It's a very simple set-up that you're sure to love. James Rightmyer Jr. hosts, as guests come on and try to stump David Andrew Laws at trivia questions based around the kinds of things he claims to be an expert at. So, when we describe it that way, we're less sure you're going to love it.

This initial episode is a little longer than the standard fare, but give us a break, it's our first one, and we didn't know to anticipate how funny Michael Satow would be! That being said, some of his jokes are a little (candy) corny.

Also, David gets Aragon (the place) & Eragon (the young adult series) confused for a long time. Some say he still confused to this day.

We hope you enjoy, and we hope to hear from you in one way or another!

If you want to join us on the podcast as a guest, send us an email at Being a Shakespeare expert is not a prerequisite. Being even remotely clever is...well, beggars can't be choosers.

If we got something wrong in this episode OR if you have suggestions for trivia in future episodes, feel free to shoot your wittiest criticisms.

Other than that, sit back, relax, and get prepared to feel a lot better about yourself. Listen below, or download it on iTunes here.