TITQ - Episode 22 - Mary Candler - LIVE from Professor Thom's

Have a little peak behind the curtain with us. Usually we record That Is The Question in David's apartment. James sits comfortably on his host throne, David lounges unprofessionally on the couch, and our guest is waited on hand, foot, and otherwise. It is a bastion of seclusion and comfort. But not this week! 

This week, we went roughin' it! We filled the halls of Professor Thom's (which is cozy in its own right, don't get us wrong) with as many Shakespeare trivia nerds as we could find, and the result was amazing! Special thanks to Hedgepig Theatre Ensemble for hosting, to Mary Candler for competing, and to all of YOU whether you were listening then, now, or both! Enjoy.

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Other than that, sit back, relax, and tune in! Listen below, or download it on iTunes here.