December 13th - 22nd, 2013

133rd St. Arts Center
308 w 133rd St., New York, NY 10027

The Taming of the Shew features one of Shakespeare's spiciest relationships -- the forever-dueling Katherine and Petruchio.  HID's production, set in the always tumultuous holiday season, highlighted the importance of family bonds and the complex and contradictory natures of those bonds.  Staged in the round at the now-closed 133rd St Arts Center, this production was fast, furious and funny -- even drawing the audience into the action at several moments.

The Taming
of the Shrew

Directed by James Rightmyer Jr.
Assistant Director: Emily Jackson
Stage Manager: Rosie Kolbo

Tiffany Abercrombie - Katherine
Jessica Cermak - Baptista Minola
April Glick - Biondella
Zack Friedman - Gremio/Widow
Travis Klemm - Hortensio
David Andrew Laws - Petruchio
Kevin Percival - Grumio
Samantha Maurice - Bianca
Nicholas Jaye Stauffer - Pedant/Tailor
Dave Stishan - Lucentio
Luke Wise - Tranio