Photography by Anthony Gusevitch Design by david andrew Laws

October 29th - November 2nd, 2014

Wow Café Theatre
59-61 E. 4th St., New York, NY

One of Shakespeare's most terrifying tales, Titus Andronicus is the heartbreaking story of a father's struggle between honor and love. As he fights for kin and country, honor is soon undermined by betrayal, and love is superseded by vengeance. His descent into madness, sometimes feigned but otherwise justified, is Shakespeare's first and bloodiest tragedy. While the piece is sometimes considered one of his more juvenile, at the time of its conception, Titus had its finger on the pulse of England’s theatrical desires.

Pared down to the essential story, this quick and dirty production left audiences breathless. Director David Andrew Laws invited the viewers to "Think less, feel more". Careful attention was paid to Shakespeare's presentation of the psychological effects on victims of rape, assault, and anguish. The primal and the cerebral knit together as the characters worlds became a landslide of despair.

Titus Andronicus

Directed by David Andrew Laws
Stage Manager: Lindsay Lerner
Casting Consultant: Jessi Blue Gormezano
Lighting Designer: Nathan Luttrull
Fight Captain: Joe Raik
Light Board Op: Jessica Cermak
Photography: Anthony Gusevich & Sara Group

Perry Lewis - Titus Andronicus
Michael Cusimano - Marcus Andronicus
Ross Hamman - Lucius/Clown
Travis Klemm - Saturninus
Nathan Luttrull - Bassianus/Pulbius
Megan Greener - Lavinia
Samantha Maurice - Tamora
Joe Raik - Demetrius
Laurel Percival - Chiron
Jamal Crowelle - Aaron
Ryan Halsaver - Quintus/Æmelius
Dayle Towarnicky - Martius/Nurse
Sarah Levine McClelland - Mutius/Young Lucius

The full cast and director
Photography by Anthony gusevitch Design by David andrew laws

"If you didn’t know why this play was so fun to perform, well this production demonstrates why."
Noelle Fair -- 'OnStage with Chris' --

"Hamlet Isn't Dead's production...doesn't try to make Shakespeare's most violent play anything that it's not, letting this theatrical slasher shine in all its blood-stained glory."
Natalie Sacks -- 'Charged.FM' --